Custom Orders

All Dark Pony garments are made to order. When you place an order we start to work on making the item to your measurements, in the color you have chosen, and length you prefer.

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If you are interested in a truly custom order, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.
Include details like your measurements, deadline, colors, and location.
You can email questions and inspiration photos to: Custom Orders


How to Choose the Right Color

Please choose the tulle color swatches from the chart above.
You can purchase as many as you like HERE
Once you have received yours swatch samples and decided on a color please place your order. 
If you still have questions, get in touch here:


To measure your waist it is best to use a sewing measuring tape (flexible usually plastic) but if you don't have that available you can always use string or yarn and then measure that length against a regular metal contractors measuring tape.

Waist- always measure at your true waist the smallest part of your torso just above your belly button.

Bust- Bra Size is usually best - keep in mind that if you are ordering a waist length bustier the waist will always be smaller than the bust measurement.

Length- starting from your true waist measure down to where you would like the hem (bottom) of the dress or skirt to fall.

Remember when you are ordering a floor length garment to wear the shoes you will be wearing with your ensemble when you are measuring.