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Hipster Mermaid Wedding Goes Viral!

I am over the moon right now! Being part of something this fantastic is simply a dream come true. When Candice from Your Cloud Parade contacted me to see if I was interested in being part of a Traci Hines Little Mermaid wedding, I didn't have to think twice. Everyone involved with this project did an amazing job and the end result is what dreams are made of. To put the cherry on top, this shoot has gone viral!! It's already been featured on PopSugar, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Cosmopolitan and more.  Wow, feeling grateful. Feeling hopeful. xoxo Please check out these amazing people and businesses who are part of the project. The magical team included shoot designer Cloud Parade’s Lauren Coats, hair...

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A Mermaid Wedding

behind the scenes photo via Charisma Star TV So excited to be part of this amazing collaboration. Your Cloud Parade put together a beautiful styled wedding shoot featuring Traci Hines, Adorkable Apparel, Dark Pony Designs (tulle skirts) and many, many more. As soon as I get the edited images I will be sharing them with you along with all the vendors, models, and collaborators and their links.  "What would I give, to spend a day warm on the sand?" - Ariel xoxo

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